Praivacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Policies on Protection of Personal Information)

WAKO Industry Inc. (Enlisted below as [our company]) protects personal information by constructing and pursuing our own personal information protection policy, and our staff strongly recognizes the importance of protecting our clients' personal information.

Management of Personal Information

Our company will store precise and updated information, and in order to prevent invalid access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage of personal information, we will adopt a security system, maintenance of the management system, staff training. Through such thorough measures, our company will safely store and manage our clients' personal information.

Personal Information

Personal information that we receive from our clients will be used to send out emails and documents about our company's information, as well as for replying to our clients' questions.

Restriction on Releasing and Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company will safely manage the personal information that we receive from our clients, and only provide the clients' personal information under the conditions listed below
・When we receive permission from the clients
・When it is necessary to provide the information to outsourcing companies to carry out the requested service
・When there is legal necessity to disclose the information

Safety Countermeasures for Personal Information

WAKO Industry Inc. will take all possible measures in order to maintain the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Client Inquiry

Client verification will be required in order to inquire, revise or delete the already registered personal information.

Compliance and Review of Privacy Policies

WAKO Industry Inc. pledges to abide by the Japanese law and other criteria that apply to the personal information of clients, and make the best efforts to protect these policies.


For any questions on the management of personal information, please contact us