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Established in Fuchu, Tokyo (July 1970) with 3 employees. After business started as a repair agency for vending machines run by Coca・Cola companies, WAKO Industry Inc. has increased its clients and with the great support from our major clients, the business results have continued to improve and employee numbers have greatly expanded. Thereafter, we were honored with the opportunity to take on Nippon Conlux's service agency business up to this day. Furtheremore, we were trusted with the role of machine component repairment agency business in regards to the coin mechanism ・ B/V data ・ refrigerators of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, and Sanden Corporation. We wish to please our clients. With this belief, we will continue to explore new contestable markets, introduce the latest technology to our business model, and with such assertive business activities we will look into the future to provide safe and healthy management.

Establishment July 1970
Capital JPY 34,000,000
Executive President and CEO: Katsuki Sugawara
Vice President: Shohei Sugawara
Managing Director: Kunihiko Nagashima
Executive Director: Toshiaki Arai
Director: Yoshiyuki Miyutomo
Director: Yuichi Nagai
Executive Officer: Hidemi Matsushita
Executive Officer: Kenji Matsuda
Executive Officer: Kengo Sugawara
Executive Officer: Hitoshi Miyata
Executive Officer: Kazuya Kojima
Executive Officer: Kawahara Yuichi
Employees ・Permanent Staff 145
・Temporary Staff 220
Transaction Banks ・Mizuho Bank Fuchu branch
・Mizuho Bank Esaka branch
・Tama Shinkin Bank East Fuchu branch
・Nishinihon City Bank Oonohigashi branch
Major Clients ・Nationwide Beverage Manufacturing Companies
・Electronic Manufacturing Companies
・Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Companies
・Major Eat Out Restaurant Chains
Major Suppliers ・All Automated Vending Machine Companies
・All Automated Vending Machine Component Manufacturing Companies
・All Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Companies
Certification ・Vending Machine Adjustment Technicians Special Grade 2 people / First Grade 38 people/ Second Grade 27 people
・First Class Electrician 2 people
・Second Class 10 people
・Liquefied Petroleum Gas Security Certification
・Certification to manage vending machine manufacturer certified coin mechanisms and B/V data
・Freon Gas Retrieval Agency Certification
・OMRON Certified Amusement Equipment Maintenance Certification
・RATIONAL AG Certified Steam Convection Maintenance Certification