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History and Policy

Providing precise support to vending machine management

The three business pillars “Maintenance ・ Installation ・ Repair” supports the vending machine management business. WAKO Industry Inc. will provide relief to our clients through precise skills and performance results.


High quality maintenance business with precision technology

This is a service with using existing machine and tools, we support your effective way of business. With maintenance, metal sheeting ,coating alternating and over whole development skills , we will implement to sell more and reduce the cost.

  • A variety of vending machines
  • Dispensers
  • Coin mechanisms
  • Open cooler machines
  • Coffee machine
  • B/V data
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Safe and reliable installation business

Through careful meetings, taking into consideration each machine and its location, we provide swift and safe installation, dismantlement, and relocation services. Additionally, we provide full operation maintenance after installation.

  • Variety of automated vending machines
  • Dispensers
  • open cooler machines
  • Steam convection machines
  • Coffee machines
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Conservation, repair, cleaning and sanitation business

WAKO Industry Inc. will respond attentively to any location for repairs, cleaning, and machine component sales that arise after installation.

  • Maintenance・repair・unit exchange・machine component sales
  • Refrigerator・Ice maker repairs
  • Cup vending machines・Dispenser sanitation
  • Air conditioning equipment cleaning・maintenance and cloth exchange
  • Purchase and sales of second hand vending machine components, consignment business for second hand vending machines
  • Conservation・maintenance of kitchen equipment. Conservation・ maintenance of amusement equipment
  • Maintenance of coffee machines
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